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The Carnevàle - July 2020 Issue

Keywords - Stage Fright, Performing Arts, Music, Beauty & Fashion, Art Exhibition, Food, Coronavirus, COVID-19, Freedom, Independence, 4th of July, Astrology & Horoscope.


After the grand launch of our magazine last month in June, Renaissance now delves into the realms of amusement and celebration. Through the cavort of our topics for this month; we have incorporated discussing about a very real issue here in the scene of performing arts - stage fright. Here at Renaissance, two of our performing artists have disseminated the information and motivation to combat the said problem; based on their congenial experience.


But the most pressing topic of this month is behind the mask, or masks of someone you may not know; or do you though already? Exactly, you never know, and that is exactly the point of this aptly mysterious story that our issue this month has covered on. Through that, we also talk about how the practicality of 'freedom' in the current state is concerning, and what can we all do restore its very harmony.


But a carnival is incomplete without all of its bells and treat. We cover all of these topics here in the grand ball that we have built with the letters and images. We teach you how to make carnival makeup, the art that hangs on the walls of the ball to get you all inspired for the event; a showcase of our new musicians in the community and then of of-course; how can we forget about the banquet that fills your cravings after a long stride of celebration and all of that informational overtake?


To conclude with, let's not forget the very reason why our team got so driven to finally launch the cause that Renaissance is representing right now - to address the creative space and the respective artists during the crisis of battling an invisible enemy - the Coronavirus. Our issue of this month presents an extensive coverage on this grave situation but in a very infographic way to make the audience understand without having a sweat. For really though, it is only through our collective understanding that we can all comprehend the happening and its consequences for every wrong step; and henceforth, we need everyone to be vigilant and aware of this active crisis.


We also, as usual, have included the monthly horoscope for July. Keep an eye out for the stars that favour you!

The common thing about festivals is the celebration of unity, and that is what we are celebrating in this month at Renaissance!

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