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Revival - Introduction to Renaissance

Renaissance is a magazine that showcases a community of talented individuals; housing upcoming artists, content-creators, bloggers and micro-influencers.

The word Renaissance originally is a French word for ‘Rebirth’ or ‘Revival’. The era of Renaissance was a golden age for art where all forms of it flourished around the world. With just the quintessential materials and a head full of dreams, the possibility of being a renowned artist was really high. In contrast to all of that though, today we live in an era where only capital seems to be the very sole means that gets you through. Platforms demand capital from creators in order to promote their art to a bigger audience. So, if the artists aren’t as financially sound, they can kiss their dreams goodbye. Renaissance aims to end that inequality. Giving justice to the global art-community through the name, we want to revive the platform to what it was originally intended to; promote the work of genuinely talented artists.

Renaissance is targeted to people of all age groups. We cover art and creativity, recommendations for relevant movies, shows, games, food, travel, creative-ideas and so much more. We keep up with the trend to promote lifestyle articles, photography and horoscope. Along with the fun articles, we also shed light on some serious social causes and things that need to be addressed.

Featuring talent that is forced to be reckoned-with is our main priority at Renaissance. The average readers can expect entertainment with infotainment and awareness with inspiration from our content. With all the motivation we have, we also know our greatest challenge - changing mindsets. Why would one ask? Well, art is seen more like a hobby and not a job in the minds of many. It’s tougher if you’re a freelancer because there’s always uncertainties about how your work will do. Younger artists are demotivated by their families and society; that turns them to seek recognition and acceptance on social media. Unfortunately, the biased algorithm of most of the platforms further demotivate artists and ultimately, their passion dies. We want to be a bridge to these influencers before their turn to social media for recognition but we can only do that when the mindsets of people change. Being an artist is tough. Not only because they are not supported much by the society but also because not everyone gets that creativity. To add to that pre-existing misery, getting discovered is even tougher because of the current systems. Renaissance realizes that and will work up to our greatest potential to recognize such creative people and revive the format of getting recognition, to revive art.

Reminiscing the era of Renaissance – a golden age for creativity; we present you, the readers – ‘Renaissance’.
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