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The Team

Mrittick Choudhury


A multi-disciplinary creative artist and computer-engineer to the core, he set the vision for what we are now and Renaissance was born as his brainchild. He manages the designs and development of all products, makes all publications happen and constantly brings new opportunities in place for all in the community. 

Even though being the chief executive director and chairperson, he continues to strongly believe in the synergy that is found in budding and close-knit startups and thus, aspires to keep the synergy the way it is, in the longer-run. 

He keeps an open mind in partnerships and with his experience, he is keen in tackling the evils found in the media industry that generally makes it harder for indie-artists to rise from scratch.

John P. V. Cordero


This experienced industry veteran from The Philippines has landed on the Renaissance Group after working with several big names including but not limited to Sony & Warner.


With the expertise possessed by John, he now acts as the lead management of all staff in the media agency, and consistently keeps bringing-in new ideas and opportunities  to the table, further lifting the legacy of Renaissance and everyone else present under the umbrella of the community. 

Teodor D. Beznea


A versatile designer and sound engineer, Teodor happens to be our to-go person for the quickest solutions to anything that requires a vivid imagination and stunning creativity. Being absorbed in creating beautiful artworks and melodies at most of the times, he exhibits quite the knack for building new things from scratch in record-times, providing us with assets that has the rare combination of both quantity and quality.

Leon S. McKenzie


Award-winning computer software developer and sound engineer with experience working with big names like WordPress, Sony Music and more, he takes care supervising our engineering and technical team whenever required and assists in polishing sounds by our coveted musical artists whenever they need the touch of a true professional like Leon. 

Even with so many positive traits under his hood, he emanates jolly and a positive vibes with a supportive character here at Renaissance, just as expected from all in our healthy community. 

Together with our CEO, he also works at Skeptic Knights MainStage and Synergy DSP where he is the CEO and Mrittick being the CTO; exhibit common knowledge and work capacity across our companies, thus being excellent partners throughout.

Asmi Dhakal


An excellent strategist, author and orator; she worked with our CEO extensively in the founding year of Renaissance. It was her who pushed him just right that led Mrittick create the venture and Asmi played as an excellent co-founder. The first edition of our world magazine was made possible thanks to her quick-thinking ideas and themes. 

Now she has ventured-out in progressing in her own career and aspires to create her own legacy of works. However, even though she may not be part of the board presently, she will be honoured as one of the main assets who helped in launching what we have now.

Kalash Zariwala


With the table filled with so much seriousness, we have our 'Kazey" with a vibrant personality that keeps filling-in any situation with a silence or a little bit too much of the 'nitty-gritty' stuff.


Whenever there is the emergence of something jolly, he comes-up with fast ideas that has the unexpected twist that keeps us ahead of both our requirements and the competition.

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