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"Less Is More" - August 2020 Issue

Key Topics - Fashion, Thrifting, Thrift Fashionista, Beauty, Minimal Makeup, Makeup Tips & Tricks, Brush & Sketch Art, Music, Musician and DJ, Production, Gaming, Video Games, Astrology & Horoscope, Gameffine, IndianNoob, The Junk Box

" There exists a very thin line between the things that we want and the things that we really need. "

The word 'minimalism' is so deceitful and it gets to make most people judge by the very characteristic; not knowing how immensely powerful it can be like, when executed properly! In this issue, we have shared some quality-of-life hacks & knowledge, and expressed the things that our artists have done this month, by the lines of minimalism. We have showcased the power of efficiency and conciseness upon anything that we do, plan, sought-of or require. Keeping it clean, easy-to-comprehend and work with is the mantra with this month's theme and that is why; 'Less Is More'!

In our penultimate-issue of this year, we have partnered-up with two meaningful entities of their respective genre(s):

1. Gameffine (formerly 'IndianNoob') - Gaming Partner

- and -

2. The Junk Box - Fashion Partner


Renaissance has partnered-up with Gameffine (formerly IndianNoob) to serve our audience with quality indie games that you might have never heard of - presented by the Gameffine Network through our outlets. There will be the 'hidden-gems' about which we believe that our readers can discover and play. It is an approach to uplift the independent game-developing scene which is heavily underrated in the field of art and creativity. Game development is a form of multi-disciplinary creativity that incorporates a very diverse-set of talents to make a title. Renaissance realises that and thus now, is ready to serve our audience with quality indie-games through our new partner.

The Junk Box happens to be a quality thrift-store based in New Delhi, India. Known for promoting sustainable fashion through thrifting, 'The Junk Box' has re-sold many beautiful pieces in a very affordable price. They currently are conducting their sales through their Instagram page here. Sticking with the theme of 'Less is More', Renaissance highly recommends the budget-friendly and sustainable range of outfits sold by our partner, The Junk Box.


Our daily lifestyle has a great influence over our environment. Fashion in fact is considered to be the dirtiest business of all. Renaissance in this issue tries to shed light on ways to make your daily beauty regime sustainable and eco-friendly.

It is said that beauty lies in the eyes of beholder but sometimes, beauty literally lies in the eyes; its make-up duh! Who doesn't like to get a little dolled-up and presentable? While make-up seems as harmless as ever, the manufacturing of it sometimes can be dark. Animal testing is not a new topic when it comes to manufacturing of make-up products. Many brands test on animals for any signs of allergic reaction, pigmentation of the product or just to see how the product performs like on skin. Similarly, animal cruelty such as crushing insects for generation of pigment is one of the sad realities of the make-up industry. Fortunately, there is a way to avoid supporting these brands. Before buying a product, look out for 'Cruelty Free' and 'Vegan' logos. Renaissance hopes to positively impact the environment through more articles in the issue of 'Less is More', especially with our makeup artists and beauty gurus sharing their minimal makeup look, tutorials and a beginners' guide to good and efficient makeup skills!


This month's issue completely revolves around the core value of Renaissance especially when it comes to music and art. Say, if you were to travel to the 15th century when it was the age of Renaissance, you'd see art in its true glory. Art in every form especially painting of portraits and creation of music peaked. All it needed was a little money in your pocket and a lot of creativity and hardwork and you'd make it to the hall of fame. Fast forward to the 21st century, you see many artists claiming that capital is all it takes to make it. In this issue however, we have artists telling you how spending just the bare minimum can take you to great heights. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle; the Rs formula resulting in great rewards, richness and revolution.


For the interstitial, independence of a nation is compared to the independence of an individual. Your nation might be free but are you?

As usual, this issue ends with the monthly horoscope. Although if you follow the sustainability measures discussed in this issue, Renaissance predicts you already have a great future ahead!

" EFFICIENCY AND EPPIGRAMMATISM. Minimalism can be more powerful than one can normally reckon of; and the best part about it is that; you see the results by the moment you start applying it! "

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