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'Selected' by Renaissance Music

Spotify Playlist Placement

Grow your artist career by promoting your music with our diverse and assorted playlists across our Spotify Network. 

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Our promotions
yield atleast - 

per song,
each month

see what our 
users feel about 
our service below

RM Select


Testimonials and reviews:


“Fast results with consistent plays and ample exposure to even more playlists and radios!”


“Probably the best in the competition, they say ‘you get what you pay for’, but you end up getting even more! Well I’m blown away with what we are getting here at these rates. Totally worth it.”

Next Route

“Really happy to be here, my songs get a lot of exposure and support from people. Amazing streams with amazing royalties, and I get what is promised. Loving it!”

One Code

“Recently released my debut track and used this. The results are much better than I had anticipated, what was needed 3 years got done in just a month with overwhelming results!”

Mark Corinth!

“It’s really hard to find something of THIS VALUE and RETURNS around. Renaissance Music and the Select Team has really pulled-off a miracle here!”

I want it too!

So what are you waiting for? 
Get started now, below.

RM Select - Testimonials
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There's one for everyone!


  • Around 10,000+ plays

  • Added to 1 playlist

$25 /month


  • Around 25,000+ plays

  • Added to 2 playlists

$50 /month


  • Around 50,000+ plays

  • Added to 5 playlists

$100 /month


  • For more than 50,000 plays per month or 120,000+ plays per year

  • Each playlist generates roughly around 10,000+ plays per month

  • This is also the package if you are looking to promote an entire EP/album instead of 1 song

Custom Package


  • Each plan and its pricing is indicative for 1 song

  • If you would like to promote an album and have a special bundle, please email us the details (see the box right beside this one)

  • Our pricing is inclusive of all overheads (e.g., taxes, international transaction fees, etc.)

  • You should expect to earn about $50 per 10,000 plays. Doing the math? Well, save it, it’s basically a solid 100% return even on our starting tier, and the returns increase exponentially as you go up!

Things to know


Let us know about what exactly you are looking for and we will guide you in getting what’s best for you in no time! We are open to any number of play/stream count requests, playlist preferences, custom number of songs/EPs/albums and/or compilations.

We'll help!

RM Select - Plans
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