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You can incorporate any form of art and creativity to come-up with one submission based on our topic that touches us the most. The winners will be judged accordingly, based on the extent of creativity and how much we could connect it to the topic and the emotions. 

The topic is based on 'Durgotsav' and/or 'Durga Puja'; which happens to be a rather broad ansd open-ended topic, and that is the point. We are allowing the participants to explore and come up with the best of their innovation and creativity!

Last date for submission: Tuesday, 29th of September 2020.

Announcement of the winners: at the time of the event livestream. 

Venue: Renaissance Digital Facebook Page

Date & Time: Sunday, 4th of October 2020. 12pm GMT (5:30pm IST)

Couldn't submit your content? No biggie!
You can still participate and win prizes and certificates in our quiz competition in our main live event. You just need to register for the event. To do so, you just need to like and follow our pages and socials from down below and share about the event into your stories and walls; inviting your friends, family and relatives into our live event!  -

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