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Decided to take your project or idea to a global level? Get a website that speaks your ideas loud, designed by Mrittick Choudhury - a website designer since 2016 working with international businesses and his own projects ever since. 


Important Information


  • Website designing is a one-time cost, however, keeping it running is not. You will get a price-quote of your running-costs (charged annually) through an email (please note that the prices are subject to Wix's pricing policies)
  • Running costs are divided into three parts: website hosting, domain hosting, and website management. We provide free domain-hosting for the 1st-year per website design. 
  • Use the coupon-code 'WEBDSNFC2020' to be eligible for a 10% discount (valid once per customer). Apply during checkout
  • Approximate values of annual website hosting and maintainance charges are listed under the 'addtional info' section. Annual domain costs depend on the name of your domain, its demand and its availabilityHence, the costs can range anywhere from $10 to $1000+
  • Delivery times depend on the size and scale of your website. Approximate delivery times are listed under the 'addtional info' section. 
  • After designing a website, you need to pay to the hosting-platforms through us to see your site live and running. You will be contacted by our webhost team how to pay for that and the further instructions that will follow. 


Please be careful when you make a choice upon the type of website required. For getting a more accurate quote, mail us and book an appointment session so that we can guide you through the requirements and give you the most comprehensive pricing and work duration details. 

Website Designing

  • Commercial websites include admin-privilegesmembers area, and most importantly - a store with the ability to accept all kinds of payments (domestic and international). 

    Non-commercial websites do not include these e-commercial features and are suitable for - portfolio, blog and other personal-use websites.