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Mrittick Choudhury offers industry-standard photo developing, retouching, editing and manipulating. 

He works with Eastern India's biggest digital-marketing brand "The Kolkata Buzz" and has years of experience in handling images. Currently, he also makes cover-arts for independent music record-labels. He has a diverse-set of editing palettes and techniques and works with the industry-standard tools: Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. Mrittick has his own photography-project, which can be seen here. He is an established, well-experienced and well-equipped photo-artist; who will develop and edit each photo at just 2.00 EUR. 


Please use the quantity-field to put the number of images to be developed/edited. He is taking 20 photos at the most at a time. For bulk orders at a cheaper rate, please read the additional info section. 

Photo Developing & Editing

  • Mrittick can edit upto 10 photos a day. That means if you have 20 photos, you need to wait for 2 days for the highest quality.