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Hello everyone, this is Next Route's first sample-pack that is part of his progressive series "NEX"!

Listen to the tester sample of this sample pack here.



  • 5 Clap Samples
  • 5 Crash Samples
  • 5 Hat Samples
  • 5 Kick Samples
  • 7 Special Loops
  • 5 Percussion Samples
  • 5 Ride Samples
  • 5 Shaker Samples
  • 5 Snare Samples
  • 5 Tom Samples

NEX EDM Sample Pack VOL.1

  • Beznea Teodor Dorinel also known as “Next Route” it's an EDM music producer from Romania. Teodor used the artist name "Theo Dor" and in 2020 he changed his name to "Next Route.” Under the old name he released tracks on labels like: Micky House Records, Cryptic Records, Wasp Recordings, Karma Music Records, Virility Recordings, Rehegoo Music Group, Roindpak Records, Warnox Music, Louis Capet XXVJ & Audio Library+. Teodor started to produce music in 2017 and he signed his first track "Funky Toad" under old artist name on Virility Recordings. In 2018, he signed a contract with Rehegoo Music and he released the song "Assault." In 2018, he released a lot of tracks with Karma Music Records and Warnox Music. In 2019 he released the ep "The Shape of Air" which includes 4 songs and on the same year he signed the track "Stardust" with Cryptic Records. In 2019 started to also release songs on Audio Library. In 2020 he signed with Wasp Records from France. The ep "Path of Lights" was released in the same year on Cryptic which includes 4 songs. Now under the new artist name, "Next Route" he released the track "Memories" & one trio on the label Electric Station from Ukraine. Next Route produces Progressive House music. His favorite DAW is Fl Studio, and his favorite instrument is Piano. Teodor fall in love with EDM music since he was 5 years old. When he turned 15, he saw Martin Garrix performing at a festival and this made Teodor to start producing music. His passion for music is big, and Next Route wants to touch people hearts with his music.