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One Code & Frost-X-Mritz (ft. Paradog)


Tropical House | Dance K-Pop

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Astuto & Frost-X-Mritz


Tropical House | Dance Pop

Weekdays are all about the chores & burdens that make us all yearn for some time-off for a bit of room to breathe. Through this song, the artists express about just that 'weekend' vibe for what everyone longs for after a busy week, looking for some joy, relaxation & comfort. 

Paradog cheeerfully sings about how it is to be taken slow and do all the fun activities that make one feel merry, and to move on from anything gloomy that may lay in the past. All of which, is complemented by the bright and energetic music of One Code and Frost-X-Mritz; emanating the message of living your life, through this and through all weekends.


One Code & Frost-X-Mritz (ft. Paradog)


Tropical House | Dance Pop

Originating from Romania, Next Route has created this track with his roots in mind and creating a tasteful blend of Romanian, Arabic and Indian musical styles. Called 'Monarchy', it resonates the sounds of the vast collection of heritage it represents, and constitutes of a number of well-complementing instruments that emanates a positive, rhythmic and a pleasant vibe through its composition. 

He has crafted the song based on dance & EDM, delivering the best of both worlds: deep culture & energy.


Next Route


Ethnohouse | World

In light of the general concept of 'perfection' being, for the most part, a myth; we have this amazing composition by Astuto where the story is about a person who is deeply in love with someone, even though they have their own share of imperfections, which they figuratively talk of as their 'scars'. It tells how they adore this person even though they have their flaws (which is metaphored as 'seeing it through') and emanates the message about the hope of a form of pure affection, where all that matters is their feelings towards the other person. Through this, the 'scars' that they talk of, would finally be gradually overcome and with it, all of their pain. Ultimately, this is what, in essence we may rightly say as a form of 'perfect love'.




Future House | Bass

A Future Deep House pop-hit featuring powerful vocals and tones that gets one on the hook, Let U Get 2 Me is an energetic, chill and melodious banger for the summer. 

The story revolves around a situation where someone has had enough of the desecration by their partner, despite giving their best to them and the magnitude of chances given to make things right. 

However, witnessing it all going in vain and the person having found their true worth, now wants a better shot at love and life as a whole.




Deep House | Slap

A story of thinking out loud and getting listened to on the basis of the realities of any relationship, this song is about people who are seeking to be finally heard and appreciated to the point that they truly deserve. It all starts with getting the strength in identifying and expressing their feelings through the song, no matter how harsh it may get but all of it for the greater good for oneself and eventually, initiating the journey and process of healing and restoring through acknowledgement, expression, realisation, and finally - through action. 

Because sometimes, you just really need to hear out what usually remains unsaid, but surely do they surface when it's time; and doing something about them becomes the only viable option for the way forward.


Chordz & Mark Corinth!


Future House | Bounce

'Alright' is a slap house track that involves soulful deep vocals and penetrating sounds of the genre, consisting of punchy bass and acid melodies with a captivating atmosphere, resulting in a catchy and a vibey experience. The idea of the track is to be intriguing in such a way that it brings out the emotions that fit into moods of dance and melancholy at the same time. 

The story resonates the feeling of mournful dejection out of a failed relationship after having poured a lot of endeavour, care and effort; but ultimately ending up in a disappointing fate. Based on this bitter experiences, we made this track where we convey the message that it is time to draw the line, that there is the emergence of healing and self-care, and it is quite 'alright' to start afresh for something better in the near future.


One Code & Frost-X-Mritz


Deep House | Slap